Dubai’s 6 Best Breakfast Places You Must Visit in 2021

Dubai’s 6 Best Breakfast Places You Must Visit in 2021

What’s the most important thing you do to start a great day at work? Take a good breakfast, of course. It’s the most important meal of the day, and a great way to start a hectic routine at work. You get all the energy you will be needing to get done with all the work piled up for you and if the flavors are good along with the ambiance, you get into a good mood as a bonus. 

So, whether you are working in Dubai or are here for a tour, here are 9 best breakfast places you need to try in 2021. Bon appétit.

The Maine

Starting your day with something exquisite? The Maine’s got just what you are looking for. Get into the right mood with a high-end ambiance and a healthy breakfast in Dubai. Start your day with the right delicacies to keep you going in your daily routine with the vast menu of The Maine. This restaurant has an amazing collection of breads, bacon, hash browns, black pudding, juices, cereals, etc. You can also indulge in some prime breakfast experiences available here if you have pockets deep enough to pay for them.

Bistro des Arts

Located on a cozy corner of Dubai Marina Mall, you’ll find this lovely French restaurant that will serve you a great breakfast brunch at only AED99. Named Bistro Des Arts, this lovely place allows you to help yourself with everything you expect from a hearty breakfast to a buffet. Choose from a selection of pastries, fresh juices, cold cuts, and cheese to start your breakfast, and then move on to hash browns, crepes, and hot beverages of your choice.


The best Italian restaurant in Downtown Dubai. Enjoy different types and flavors of authentic delicious creamy pasta and sauces while adoring the view of the Burj Khalifa. Dinner with a beautiful view is guaranteed. What better way to begin your day in Dubai than with a superb breakfast? Coppasta Breakfast menu offers a wide range of options from healthy as well as indulgent dishes. Gather your friends and family for an international breakfast at Coppasta, Souq Al Manzil, Downtown Dubai.


Looking to gobble down four to five heavy breakfast dishes in just AED 98? Boardwalk’s just got precisely what you are looking for. The weekend breakfast brunch here runs from 11.30 am to 2pm . You can indulge in a savory croissant, poached eggs, a choice of two antipasti, avocado toast topped with smoked salmon or grilled prawns, and trio of sorbets and berries. Sounds like a deal? You can also unlock a fountain of free-flowing mimosas for an extra AED 98 if you feel like treating yourself to something fancy. Boardwalk is located at Dubai Creek Yacht Club. 

Bounty Beets

This amazing restaurant offers you a breakfast buffet  with unlimited juice, coffee or tea in just AED 99. Sounds like a great deal, isn’t it? This is one of the popular restaurants that are also great for your Instagram. Bounty Beets offers you a stellar breakfast deal that makes you come back with your family and friends. If you like sitting out in a leafy garden and enjoy your most important meal of the day, Bounty Beets is the place for you. 

Café Society

Want to execute the perfect economical breakfast in Dubai? Usually at the end of the month, the finances aren’t that great and one should be careful on what to spend. If one breakfast dish with a nice for AED 65 tempts you then Café Society is just for you. It is a cosy cafe that serves breakfast daily at Tamani Hotel Marina. There is a variety of breakfast here and you can choose from a vegetarian breakfast, poached eggs, toasted French brioche, smoked salmon and much more. Try it out and get yourself in a good mood at month’s end.

These were our top 5 places to have a great breakfast in Dubai. If you are in Dubai, you need to try out these places in 2021. We assure you, there will be no regrets.