How to get more conversions through social media marketing

How to get more conversions through social media marketing

If you have made it this far then explaining why social media is an essential pillar of your digital marketing strategy is a no brainer. Almost all the major brands understand that their survival now depends upon the audience engagement on their social channels. While it’s easier for the major brands to boost and maintain their social presence due to the fact that they can easily hire an in-house team or social media marketing service providers, it’s a different story for startups and struggling new businesses. So if you are among the latter then read on to figure how you can boost your conversions and ROI through social media.

Consider influencer marketing 

Influencer marketing has been on the rise and this trend is only going to grow in the days to come. Social media influencers have built communities of their own that are a lot more loyal than an average follower of any brand that is out there. It’s no hidden secret that people are more likely to buy something or convert upon a recommendation by a fellow user than a brand which actually makes sense. You wouldn’t simply buy something just because a salesperson recommends it. 

Contrary to what one might believe, influencer marketing doesn’t necessarily cost a fortune. You could reach out to the relatively smaller influencers which is a lot more cost effective and still gets the job done. 

Make video content 

There are several researches that pint to the fact that video marketing is more effective than any other form of content on the social media. While the video marketing can help you significantly boost your conversion rate, the question remains, what kind of video content generates the most response? Well the answer is the short form videos. Unlike the old days, people have a lot less attention span nowadays and it’s especially true for the gen Z. That’s exactly what the fastest growing video streaming platform Tiktok capitalized on. 

So if you are tired of running the image based ads that keep getting ignored by your audience then you may want to consider investing a bit of time and effort into video content. You don’t necessarily have to have a whole production house for this you can do it with some basic equipment or hire an agency that offers content marketing services.

Put your followers to work

One of the best ways to engage your users is encouraging them to produce content featuring your product. The content could vary from an interesting story, review, image or even a video. This has helped many brands boost their conversion in the past and the strategy is still highly effective in building your brand of product’s authenticity. Showing ordinary people using your product is a great way to advertise your business.

Referral marketing 

Another great way to engage your audience and boost sales is to offer a freebie or discount to the customers who bring in referrals with them. Regardless if you are selling something or looking to acquire more leads referral marketing is a tried and tested strategy. You can also acquire some valuable customer data through referral marketing that you can later use for retargeting through email campaigns.